Service Letters

Number Description Applicable to Compliance Date
    SL Index All Mandatory 31/12/2008
    SL001 Header tank All Advisory 16/11/2008
    SL002 Thrust line All Advisory 10/12/1995
    SL003 Fuel hose All Advisory 16/11/2008
    SL004 Tyre pressure All Advisory 29/05/2000
    SL005 Landing gear conversion BB,EXP Advisory 30/12/2006
    SL006 Tube fairings All Advisory 01/02/2006
    SL007 Wing folding and trailering BB/EXP Advisory 30/12/2006
    SL008 Grove spring gear All Advisory 30/12/2006
    SL009 Tyres and Pressures All Advisory 14/08/2017

Service Bulletins

 Number Description Applicable to Compliance Date
    Index Index of all service bulletins All All 31/12/2008
    SB001 Tailpost insert Serial nr 001-015 Mandatory 01/07/1995
    SB002 Short axle tube Serial Nr 001-015 Mandatory 01/07/1995
    SB003 Wrong Aileron mixer Nr 01-015 Mandatory 01/07/1995
    SB004 Wrong jury struts SN 001-015 Mandotory 01/07/1995
    SB005 Lift-strut bolt lenght All Mandatory 01/07/1995
    SB006 Old flaperon chord length SN 001-019 Mandatory 01/07/1995
    SB007 Correct bungee tension All Fitted Mandatory 01/07/1995
    SB008 Fuel-Cap Vent All Mandatory 10/12/1995
    SB009 Carb overflow pipe All Mandatory 10/12/1995
    SB010 Nose Landing Gear BB,Expl,All fitted Mandatory 10/12/1995
    SB011 Control torque tube crack All Mandatory 01/12/2000
    SB012 Axle shear All Mandatory 01/12/2000
    SB013 Nose gear V-Brace BB, All fitted Mandatory 04/04/2002
    SB014 Axle bolt lenght All Mandatory 01/09/2002
    SB015 Stabilizer tabs broken All Mandatory 01/09/2002
    SB016 582 engine mount isolator rubbers BB, Expl fitted Mandatory 01/10/2003
    SB017 Rudder cable ferrule crimp All Mandatory 30/10/2003
    SB018 Tailwheel block lube All fitted Mandatory 01/03/2005
    SB019 Control rod-end failure All Mandatory 23/11/2005
    SB020 Fibre glass seat support All Mandatory 23/12/2006
    SB021 Welded axle backing plate All fitted Mandatory 23/12/2006
    SB022 Throttle control bellcrank All fitted Mandatory 30/12/2006
    SB023 Nose-wheel axle bolts All fitted Mandatory 13/11/2007

Documents and Forms

Number Description Applicable to Compliance Date
    A 01 Aircraft inspection checklist – Annual, Pre-test flight and Post-test flight All Models Inspections 01/07/2011
    A 02 Assembly checklist All Models Inspections 12/01/2012
    AIC 60.15 Information required for buildnumber application ALL ALL 21/02/2009
See CAA website for latest forms
    B 02 Explorer Rotax 582 data sheet for build no. A/Builders Explorer/Bushbaby 01/07/2011
    B 03 Explorer Rotax 912 data sheet for build no. application A/Builders Explorer/Bushbaby 01/07/2011
    B 04 Explorer BMW 1100,1150 and 1200 Data sheet A/Builders Explorer/Bushbaby 01/07/2011
    B 05 Explorer Jabiru powered data sheet A/Builders Explorer/Bushbaby 01/07/2011
    B 06 Explorer, UL power 260i data sheet A/Builders Explorer/Bushbaby 01/07/2011
    C 01 Safari VLA Data sheet for buildnumber application Safari-VLA Safari-VLA 01/06/2016
    CA 24-09 Checklist for your CAA paperwork Amateur Builders All Models 01/07/2011

Construction Manuals

Please contact the factory through the contact us page for the latest manuals